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With over 30 years of experience, Accurate Valve Services was founded in 2000 by the president and owner Craig Chism.   He is known for his salesmanship and services throughout much of the continental US territories and international markets. Accurate Valve Services also services well control equipment, drilling equipment, wellheads, and flowline equipment.   This vast experience makes Accurate Valve Services uniquely prepared to integrate with your business and meet your business needs.

For over 20 years, Accurate Valve Services has successfully serviced the oilfield industry by providing the drilling and production industry with products and services at competitive prices. The company was founded with the objective to fill a gap in a service area where it had been neglected at the time.

Accurate Valve Services has grown from just a small valve repair shop to a fully certified ISO 9001:2015, API Q1, repair shop and remanufacturing facility. Our facility is located in Corpus Christi, Texas where we have remanufacturing capabilities with mechanic services, machining services, welding services as well as hydrostatic and hydraulic testing.


Our principal success against our competitors has been the quality of our services and repairs. Every client deserves the same level of service and turnaround time regardless of the size of their company.

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